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About Me

Hi there!

I'm Sarah Dowling - a Sydney-based 27yo creator and mother of one small Cylon. Technology has been a constant part of my life, from playing Aussie Rules Footy on the NES and Zool on SNES as a toddler, to my very first exposure to the Internet at six on a class excursion to the library (I looked up bikes using Netscape Navigator - I feel so old!) to helping my dad with Windows 3.11/95/98 by swapping floppy disks at 8, to purchasing my first computer at 10 by saving all my pocket money.

My first exposure to web design was at 10 years old via my brother, who came home from high school and showed me how to make my own websites using Frontpage Express. Back in those days, web design was all about cool effects that would only work in one browser and table-based designs that took days to work out why not all of the images you used would line up properly.

These days, I code by hand in text editors, striving to using compliant HTML5 and CSS that will work in all browsers, and aiming to maximise accessibility for mobile and disabled users.

When I'm not coding or parenting the Cylon, I can be found writing blog posts of varying interest, failing miserably at writing a novel, or even at your local pop culture or anime convention manning a table/booth or behind the scenes helping the convention run. Sometimes I even have time to play video games!